Stable Life (2013)

a high stakes documentary about family, immigration, and life at the racetrack

Dionicia M. spends her days tending horses at the northern California racetrack where she works and lives. Meanwhile, her teenage son José Luis is turning heads as a hotshot jockey in Southern California. Dionicia is in search of a better life for herself and her family, and she and José Luis have gambled their futures on the hardscrabble sport of horse racing. Will they succeed or will  immigration raids and racetrack closures keep them from achieving the stable life of their dreams?

woman pushing laundry up mountain

Illustration: Thorina Rose

Unclean: a brief history of housework (in production)

A short documentary mixing interviews, found footage and animation that explores one woman’s complicated relationship to housework and her frustration that despite all the promises of technology, feminism and consumer culture, housework will never go away.

Jornalero (Day Laborer) 2004

Work is scarce and Jose Echevarria misses his family back in Mexico. He has spent the last 14 years working as a day laborer—jornalero—in San Francisco. This portrait of one of the thousands of jornaleros struggling to get by and provide for their families follows Echevarria in his last days in the U.S. before returning home to see his kids and the grandchildren he has yet to meet.